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Q: What is bad about female presidents?
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Who is a female president?

There are many female presidents in history, including the current presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Switzerland.

Are there female presidents in Mexico?


What two south American countries have female presidents?

Chile and Argentina have female presidents. Guyana also had a female president whoes name was Janet Jagan.

How many American presidents have been men?

All of the US presidents have been men. There have been no female presidents.

Who were the two female presidents in south America?

South America has two female presidents now. Dilma Roussef in Brazil and Cristina Kirchner in Argentina. Chile already had a female president Michelle Bachelet.

Who was the second ever female president?

There haven't been any female US presidents.

Why were bad presidents bad presidents?

Not everyone is good at what they do and some men get elected even though they really don't know what to do or lie.

What country of the Americas had two female presidents?


Are educated presidents good or bad to the society?

Educated presidents are very good to society.

How many presidents have had military experience?

your bad kid

What things would stop a president-elect from being sworn in?

Presidents have to do something so bad that no one will regret it. Presidents have to do something so bad that no one will regret it.

Is it bad if you dream of having sexual relationship with another female if your a female?

no it isn't bad