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Presidents have to do something so bad that no one will regret it. Presidents have to do something so bad that no one will regret it.

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Q: What things would stop a president-elect from being sworn in?
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Can a Kenyan president be removed from office because he is too drunk to speak on the day of him being sworn in?

No, that would be unconstitutional.

Who would be US President if Hillary Clinton was elected in Nov and was not capable of being sworn in?

It depends on whether the cause for this is temporary or not and on whether or not the Electoral College has already met and formally appointed her in its December meeting. If a President-elect for instance passes away after being formally appointed by the Electoral College in December but before being sworn in in January, the Vice-President will be sworn in as President.In case of a permanent incapacity before the December meeting but after the election, things become complicated, all the more so since State Electors from some States sometimes are only authorized to vote for the incapacitated candidate him-/herself and not for any substitute. Also, there is no legal precedent here; President-elects so far only died (if they did) after being sworn in.In all probability, the Speakers of the Houses of Congress would then temporarily assume the tasks of the Presidency while things were being sorted out.

Can a president be removed from office because he is too drunk to speak on the day of him being sworn in?

No, that would be unconstitutional.The constitution itself does not handle such an instance which would be very unlikely to happen.

If a president serves two consecutive terms do they not get sworn in the second time?

Yes you would get sworn in for your second term.

Do you have to swear in court?

If you wish to, or are required to give testimony, yes, you will be sworn to tell the truth. If you can demonstrate you cannot morally swear, there is a mechanism called 'affirmation', but it is extremely rare.

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Was Ronald Reagan sworn in at midnight?

I think so- for his second term, January 20 was on Sunday, so the official inauguration was held the next day but he would have been sworn in on the 20th.

What would happen if obama died?

Vice President Joe Biden would immediately be sworn in as President of the US.

What would happen if someone killed the president of the U.S.?

The vice president would be sworn in as the new president. The new president would nominate someone to be the next vice president, and the nominee would be sworn in after a confirmation majority vote by both houses of Congress.

How can a National Guard member validate duty served when records cannot be located. Is a sworn statement by the Soldier acceptable?

Have NEVER heard of this situation - ESPECIALLY connected with the military. The military is absolutely anal about record keeping. I SERIOUSLY doubt that just your sworn statement would suffice. You would need the sworn testimonies of just anybody and everybody that would ever have come in contact with you during the missing periods involved.