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demecrat DEMECRAT

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Q: What is bill nelson's political party?
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What is Bill Bolling's political party?


What is Bill White's political party?


Which political party does bill de blasio belong to?

Democratic party

What was Clintons political party?

Bill Clinton belongs to the Democratic party.

What political party did Bill Clinton belongs in?


What are Bill Nelson's standing committees?

One of Bill Nelsons standing committees are the American Association for cancer research.

What is an example of a political party arrogating interests?

creating a coalition of various groups to pass a bill

What political party is Elizabeth Dole affiliated with?

The Republican Party. Her husband, Bob, also ran for president against Bill Clinton in 1996.

What political party nominated justice Stephen Breyer?

Bill Clinton, a Democratic President, nominated Justice Breyer in 1994. US Supreme Court justices are nominated by Presidents, not by political parties (although the President belongs to a political party).

What is the plural of political party?

The plural of political party is "political parties".

What is Bill Gates' political party?

Bill Gates' exact political affiliation is unknown. He seems to favor whatever party, at the time, is better suited to his corporate goals. Since 1999, he has donated money to both the Republican and Democrat parties at a ratio of 54% Democrat and 46% Republican.

What has the author Udo Vorholt written?

Udo Vorholt has written: 'Die politische Theorie Leonard Nelsons' -- subject(s): Contributions in political science, Political science, History