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MR HORNBEE was talking to Matt and temperance cook Matt some food and Matt toldl Mr.Hornbee where he live and mr hornbee went to blackjack ''his mule'' and tell his horse to take matt to the river and the horse was walking through the dark

trail and matt heard a sound and matt thought that was a bird but blackjack knew that was idians

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Q: What is chapter 1-3's summary in George Washington's Socks?
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What is the book George Washingtons socks about?

George Washington's Socks is about 5 kids that go on an adventure with a time traveling boat.

In the book George Washingtons socks what pg does Matt meet Israel?

Matt meets Israel on page 58 of the book "George Washington's Socks" by Elvira Woodruff.

Who was the colonel Matt did a report on in George Washingtons Socks?

It was Colonel Knox, I believe

What are the boys names in this book George Washingtons socks?

Matt Hotter Tony and Katie

What was chapter 16 about in George Washington socks what did Q walk into?

In chapter 16 of George Washington Socks, Q walks into a tavern.

What is chapter 10's summary in George Washington socks?

In the end of George Washington's socks book the group finds the rowboat they came in and return home learning the secret to there magical trip.

Who was blackjack in the book George Washington's socks?

Blackjack is a mule in George Washington's Socks.

What is the main idea in chapter 17 of George Washington socks?

You need to read it to get the main idea. Cheating on here doesn't help you learn.

Who is a Hessian mercenary from george washingtons socks?

Hessian soldiers were mercenary German soldiers, meaning they were paid to fight on another country's behalf. They fought against the American colonists, on the side of the British, in the Revolutionary War.

What genre is the book George Washington's socks?

The book "George Washington's Socks" is a historical fiction novel for children.

In chapter 6 of George Washington's Socks what is the predicament that the group is in?

In chapter 6 of George Washington's Socks, the group finds themselves in a predicament when they are transported to the middle of a battle during the American Revolutionary War. They must navigate through the chaos and danger of the battlefield in order to find a way back to their own time.

What Seinfeld show was about socks?

The episode was called George and his socks.