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Q: What is freedom of domination?
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What did the US give France?

Freedom from German domination.

Freedom from domination?

to be free from someone who has controled you a long time

What is freedom from denomination called?

Emancipation or independence. Depends on what is meant by domination. Are you asking about physical freedom, as in Slavery or political freedom, as from a Dictatorship or other governing body.

Why did the battle of d-day on nromandy happen?

It happened to advance the freedom of Europe from Nazi domination.

Types of domination in graph theory?

strong domination, mixed domination,domination cliques

When is the Independence Day of Belgium?

Belgium celebrates its independence on 21 July, the day the nation attained its freedom from the domination of The Netherlands in the year 1931.

Where can you buy FarmVille domination?

What's Farmville domination?

What ways are the slaves able to have their freedom?

Slaves could gain freedom through manumission (being legally set free by their owner), self-purchase (buying their own freedom), serving in the military, or through acts of legislation such as abolition laws or emancipation proclamations.

When was Dark Domination created?

Dark Domination was created in 1996.

When was Downhill Domination created?

Downhill Domination was created in 2003.

When did Downhill Domination happen?

Downhill Domination happened in 2003.

What is the Latin word for domination?

The Latin word for domination is dominatus.