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Political domination is an explicit or tacit measures taken which put a group or groups of people under the political, and sometimes, economic control of another group or groups. (Emefiena Ezeani)

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Q: What is political domination?
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Which political party enjoyed overwhelming political domination between 1876 and 1896?


What is bossism?

Bossism is the domination of a political organization by a party boss

What is the economic and political domination of a strong nation over the weaker nations?

It is called imperialism.

What political and cultural heritage were Italy heirs to?

The political and cultural heritage they were heirs to was male domination. The man, and man only, was allowed to participate in political affairs. At home, a wife was expected to do as her husband wishes.

Who was discontent in Latin America resulted from the domination of social and political life by?

Discontent in Latin America resulted from the domination of social and political life by wealthy elites, multinational corporations, and foreign powers. This led to widespread inequality, exploitation, and limited opportunities for social mobility for the majority of the population.

Types of domination in graph theory?

strong domination, mixed domination,domination cliques

Term for the extended period of republican political domination and diminished voter turnout that began with McKinley's victory in 1896?

Progressive Era

Why was solon called ''the father of democracy''?

Later generations considered Solon the father of democracy, because he liberated the individual from the political domination of the oligarchy.

Who were the Nazi and what were their goal?

The Nazis were a racist supremacist German paramilitary political party who sought world domination: "Today Europe, tomorrow the World."

Domination by a country of the political economic or cultural life of another country or region?

Imperialism is the domination by a country of the political, economic and cultural life of another country. This is an unequal territorial situation. Based on a dominant militaristic attitude and feeling of superiority, in proceeds to put the control of one state over the country and people of another.

Is economic domination really a form of imperialism?

It depends on the speaker's political usage. But many consider economic exploitation and domination of other countries to be imperialism, while preferring to use the word colonialism for the acquisition of formally subject territories and establishment of settlements in other lands.

Where can you buy FarmVille domination?

What's Farmville domination?