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Q: What is giving concessions to keep peace?
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Which term means to keep the peace by giving in to someone's demands?

The term that means to keep the peace by giving in to someone's demands is "appeasement." It involves making concessions to avoid conflict or confrontation.

A policy of granting concessions in order to keep the peace is called?

Appeasement. It refers to a strategy of giving in to demands or making concessions to avoid conflict or maintain peace, often seen as a controversial approach to handling aggression by others.

What term means giving in to demands to keep the peace?


What did appeasement do?

Appeasement is the policy of giving in to the demands of an aggressor to keep the peace.

What word means to keep peace by giving into an aggressor's demand?


What was the policy of granted concessions in order to maintain peace?


Who was involved in the appeasement?

Giving into a hostile countries demands in hopes to keep peace with them

What was the bargaining chip that the Israelis had to try to gain peace?

Typically land concessions, but it depends on the negotiation in particular.

How far should a country go in making concessions in order to achieve peace?

A country should prioritize its own national interest and security while negotiating peace. Concessions should be made strategically to help facilitate peace without compromising the country's long-term stability or security. It is essential to assess the potential risks and benefits of each concession before making any decisions.

What has the author Ifat Maoz written?

Ifat Maoz has written: 'The effect of bias mechanisms on the evaluation of concessions offered by the opponent in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations' -- subject(s): Public opinion, Peace, Arab-Israeli conflict 'Identities, identifications, and evaluation of concessions in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations' -- subject(s): Peace, Arab-Israeli conflict

Word to preserve peace by giving in?


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