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The Constitution states the establishment of the government and the rules for that government. See the link below for the complete US Constitution.

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The supreme law of the land. The United States system of law is based on this document. It is the word. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article on the Constitution. And you can read the whole thing there. It isn't that long, and each article is broken down if you want more information.

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Q: What is in the U.S. Constitution?
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In what ways is the Iroquois constitution different to the US Constitution?

Compare & Contrast:Iroquois Constitution & U.S. Constitution

What is the difference between the US Constitution and the Washington State Constitution?

the us constitution goes across the hole us wile Washington constitution is only

What year did The US Constitution ratify The US Constitution?


What is the birthday of the constitution?

The US Constitution was established in 9/24/1787.

How does the british Constitution differ from US?

british constitution differ from the US Constitution is that they dont have rule

Who contributed most to the writing of the US Constitution?

James Madison is the father of the US Constitution.

Was the US Constitution created by the founders?

The US Constitution was not created by the Founders. The US Constitution was written by delegates who attended the Philadelphia Convention.

What is pro-constitution?

it is us constitution

Which part of The US Constitution states the propose The US Constitution?

the preamble

When did Alexander Hamilton sign the US Constitution?

When he signed the US Constitution

What year was the US Constitution sign?

The US Constitution was signed in 1787

Who lost right as a result of the constitution of 1835?

The US Constitution was written in 1789. There is no US Constitution of 1835.