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Q: What is it called when countries try to extend their power by taking over markets in other countries?
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There are 204 nations, countries, or National Olympic Committees as they are called

What was taking over countries and turning them into colonies called?

Imperialism. It's not exactly "taking" over the countries, but definitely turning the territories into colonies. There are two types of imperialism, but the one you are probably looking for is New Imperialism.

How many countries are taking part in the present CWG?

71 countries.

Why were the Axis Powers imperialistic?

They where constantly taking over other countries a and all had emperors. Imperialism is the taking over of other countries.

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there is 205 countries taking part

Countries taking part in the 2008 Olympics?

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What word means larger countries taking over smaller countries?


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There will be 32 countries taking part.

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Great Britain , Austria, Germany and many more countries in the EU

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