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'Compensation' - 'Pay' - 'Salary' - 'Gross income before taxes' - 'Net profit acfter taxes' - 'Remuneration' - etc....

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a wage

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Q: What is it called when is money paid in return for work?
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What is the difference between with paid and unpaid work?

paid work is when you work for someone and get something in return in most cages money and unpaid work is when you do something but do not get anything in return example of an unpaid could be volunteering to do something where you do not get paid anything

What is Reimbursement?

It is when you use your own personal money to buy something for the company you work for, and the money they give you back for the money you paid is called reimbursement.

What is it called when an artist is paid for work to be done?

It depends on why the money is being given. People who give money to artists because they support the work the artist is doing, while expecting nothing in return, are called Patrons of the Arts. People who expect the money to be repaid, usually with interest, are called Angels. People who are buying pieces of art, tickets to performances, etc., are called Clients, Customers, Theatergoers, Concertgoers or whatever applies to the kind of art it is.

What can you do if you have paid half the money owed on a private seller car and they took the car and won't return the money?

Try to talk to them and see if you can work things out. If not take them to a small claims court.

How much money do you get paid to work at savemart?

You get paid $13.75 and hour

How does an ira cd work?

IRA are accounts where a person can save for retirement. CDs allow a bank to hold a persons money for a period of time and in return they are paid interest.

Im 13 can i work on the internet and get paid?

No, probably not. To make money on the internet you have to either start up a business, pay someone money to get started with no guarantee of return, or sign on with a legitimate company which will require you to be of age.

Do farmers have money?

Yes. Them to get paid for their hard work.

What is the most amount of money paid for a work of art?


What can be done to collect money paid to someone for a job they agreeded to do but failed to do and now refuse to do the work or return the deposit?

Small claims court if it is under the max dollar amount in your state.

What does 'salary' mean?

SalarySalary is any thing that is given in return for the faith shown to the employer. The word salary started from the word Salt, since salt was earlier paid in return for the faith shown to the king and the work done. Nowadays Money is usually paid as Salary. Salary is usually paid to works other than Manual and Mechanical Works. For them usually wages are paid. Brahmajyothi

What are salaries?

Money paid to people for regular work or services