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Yes. It is called taxation. The government collects income tax, social security tax, Medicare tax, corporate income tax, death taxes, property taxes etc. from people who have money sometimes called rich people. Then the government gives that money to other people who don't pay taxes in the form of social security, medicare, medicaid, earned income tax credits, tuition tax credits, education grants, unemployment compensation, section 8 housing vouchers, etc.

To pay taxes you have to earn money. "Rich People" are anyone who earns money unless you want to start dividing the US population into poor, middle class and rich people. In that case, the middle class pays the taxes as this includes everyone up to $250k per year and the rich people hire attorneys to figure out how to pay as little tax as possible.

As a note, everyone who has a paycheck pays social security and medicare taxes. Only 50% of people with a paycheck pay income tax now. Corporate income tax is collected from corporations but is really paid by the consumer in the form of higher prices. Death taxes are only paid by the super rich but they have ways around this. Property taxes are collected at the state and local levels from any property owner which means owning a car or house causes you to pay taxes.

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Theft or taxation depending on your point of view.

Democrats believe that rich people don't need their money so they give it to poor people who then vote for them to get more money.

Republicans believe that poor people should study and work harder. They don't get many votes from poor people.

Imagine working really hard in class to earn an A and the teacher decides that you really only need a B to get ahead. The teacher then gives those "excess" points you worked hard for to the student in class with the lowest grade so he can pass and move on to the next grade.

Depending on what your opinion is on the last paragraph will tell you which way your politics will be when you grow up.

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Q: What is it called when the government takes money from the rich and gives it to the poor?
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"A plan where the government pays out more money than it takes in with taxes"

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When a government spends more money in a year than it takes it, it is called a deficit. When it spends less than it takes in, it is called a surplus.

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I'm sorry, I just know what term is used to define when a government IS spending more money that it takes in, it's called deficit spending.

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It is called deficit spending.

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Why should citizens be responsible for government?

because the government takes all the money

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it takes our money

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One thing is people demanding the Gov't provide more services and benefits to them then they are willing to share the cost of paying for.

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comunisum is when a country is ruled by the government and the people give there money to the government and the government takes care of its people

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