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How and whether court decisions are translated into actual policy, affecting the behavior of others. The courts rely on other units of government to enforce their decision.

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Judicial implementation refers

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Q: What is judicial implementation?
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What two branches are checked by the legislative branch?

The legislative branch checks the executive branch by overseeing the implementation of laws and approving presidential appointments. It also checks the judicial branch by confirming judicial appointments and having the power to impeach federal judges.

What has the author James Louis Montrose written?

James Louis Montrose has written: 'Judicial law making and law applying' 'Precedent in English law' -- subject- s -: Addresses, essays, lectures, Law 'Judicial implementation of legislative policy' 'The operation of description in a contract of sale of goods'

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What is another name for judicial preceeding?

A judicial preceding can be a "judicial hearing" or a trial.

What is the role of district megistrate?

A district magistrate is a government official responsible for the administration of a district. They oversee law and order, revenue collection, and implementation of government policies at the district level. They also act as a judicial magistrate and are responsible for maintaining peace and order in their jurisdiction.

What branch explains laws whenever there is a disagreement over them?

judicial branch

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