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A justice design group is a company that offers many options to home lighting for you unique needs and price depends on what your lighting needs are. You can order items off their website and install them yourself or have a contractor do it for you.

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Q: What is justice design group and what do they do?
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Light Up Your Life With The Justice Design Group?

If you want to design a room or an entire house with a unique ambience, than lighting from the Justice Design Group. Architectural and decorative lighting from this company include bath bars, bowls and flush mounts, chandeliers, pendants, portable lights and sconces. The breathtaking collection of lighting fixtures will give any room a distinctive look that a home improvement store can't match. Shoppers can browse an online catalog of all the products offered by Justice Design Group, or they can search for a nearby showroom or distributor.

How can I save money on light fixtures with Justice Design Group?

First it would depend upon the kind of light fixtures in question. As to the question of whether Justice Design Group offers bulk pricing or not would really depend, again, on which light fixture you are referring to. After a brief glance at their site I will tell you, no they do not offer bulk pricing. Good luck though.

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