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Q: What is known today as France?
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What is the province Gaul known as?

Gaul today is known as France.

Which was a Germanic people who settled the area known today as France?

The Franks.

What is the name of the nation known as today when the normans invaded England in 1066?

The nation that the Normans came from is known as France today and the nation that they invaded is now known as Britain or United Kingdom (UK).

What is the country Gaul known as today?

The territory which was once known as Gaul encompassed what are today part of the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, as well as the whole of France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

What happened when France lost control of New France in the Treaty of Paris 1713?

simple, it went to the british. today new France makes up part of the country known as Canada.

What is value of a photo print by Denise Bellon titled Le Pont-Neuf Paris edition Du Desastre printed in France by Union Paris?

The value of a photo print can vary depending on factors such as artist reputation, rarity, condition of the print, and demand from collectors. To determine an accurate value, it would be best to consult with art appraisers or auction houses specializing in photography prints.

France's alliances today?

France is a member of NATO.

Who rules Somalia today?

President Aden abdale Osman also known as aden cade was the first president of Somalia.

This country is known for its cheese?

France, Switzerland.

What is Gual called today?


Were do they speak french today?


What happened new francs?

What happened in new France was that new france had fought for the freedom that they have today in france.