What is majority group?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Q: What is majority group?
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The majority is...?

Most the group in question.

When a majority group and a minority group merge to form a new group it is called?


Why might a member of an ethnic minority group force unwanted help on a member of the majority group?

Since the member of the majority group has more power, the minority member may want to bond with him or her. Then, the majority may be more likely to help the minority person or a member of that group in the future.

What is the group name of the majority elements?

Transition metal group,that is between group 2 and 3

What group do the majority of the elements of the periodic table belong to?

A majority of the elements are "Transition Metals"

When a larger group gets what it wants in an election that is know as?

a majority or a landslide victory.

What was the majority group of the people on the mayflower?

the English.

What is the principle of the majority system?

The principle of majority rule is that social decisions will be made by the majority; whatever outcome enjoys a majority preference will be adopted as the group outcome.

Is 5 a group 10 voters a majority is at least?

A majority of 10 voters is at least 6.

Did the piligrims constitute the majority group?

No, not in England , but in Plymouth they were.

Which group do majority of girls choose in Engineering?


What is the difference between majority and minority influence in psychology?

Majority influence refers to when a group exerts influence on an individual to conform to group norms, while minority influence involves a smaller group influencing the larger group to shift their beliefs or behaviors. Majority influence is more common and tends to lead to conformity, while minority influence can lead to innovation and change in group attitudes.