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Mathora Committee recommendations include ways the Reserve Bank of India to improve the insurance sector. Professionalism is the goal of the committee.

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Q: What is malhotra committee recommendations?
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Who is the current chairman of Committee on Public Undertakings?

Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra is the current chairman of Committee on Public Undertakings.

What are the recommendations of the Watson committee?

Six recommendations of the Watson Commission

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What one function of the committee on Ethics?

it investigates and makes recommendations on the conduct of house members

What is one function of the committee on ethics?

it investigates and makes recommendations on the conduct of house members

What is the birth name of Frankie Malhotra?

Frankie Malhotra's birth name is Francois Malhotra.

What were the recommendations of ashok mehtha committee on panchayati raj?

The recommendations of Ashok Mehtha committe on Panchayat Raj was that the 3-tier system of Panchayati Raj should be replaced by the 2-tier system.

How are committee chairmen chosen?

Committee chairmen are chosen based on seniority, expertise, and party affiliation in the U.S. Congress. In general, the majority party in Congress selects committee chairmen, usually based on recommendations from party leaders. Chairmanships can also be influenced by internal committee rules and traditions.

What committee handles organizational duties and conducts research studies?

The organizational duties and research studies are typically handled by the committee on research and organizational development. This committee is responsible for overseeing projects, conducting research, and making recommendations for improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness.