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Q: What is meant by To give up the right to rule a nation?
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The Sumarians believed in what meant the right to rule was god given?

The Sumerians believed in divine kingship, which asmeant that the right to rule was god-given.

What represents the idea that God chooses a nation's ruler?

Divine right of rule

What right do people give up when they accept totalitarian rule?

The people give up their right to oppose the government when they accept Totalitarian rule.

What is meant by the rule of Panel?

whai is meant by the rule of panel

What is meant by rule of panel?

whai is meant by the rule of panel

What is meant when someone says the United states is a nation governed by the rule of law?

Those who write and enforce laws must obey the law, too.

Where did the Mandate of Heaven give kings the right to rule from?

God gave them the right. They thought this to be true.

What did the Sumerians believe about who it was that ruled their cities?

The Sumerians believed in the divine right of kings, which meant that the right to rule was god-given.

Why is a bill of right necessary in a democratic nation where rule by a majority of people is in effect?

To protect the minority, or an individual, from the majority.

What were einstzgruppen what nation id they operate?

what were the einsatzgruppen what nation did they rule

Why does the 12 mile rule not acceptable to the Philippine constitution?

The 12 mile rule or 3 mile rule is not acceptable in the Philippines because this rule does not adequately protect Philippine interest at all. And this rule will give legal rights to other nation to utilize the resources especially the aquatic resources and stay there with perfect legal right to do so, which at the same time we will lose a large part of our territory on both sides of the archipelago, towards the China Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Does the US have the responsibility or right to overthrow dictatorships?

No and No. No individual state actor, including the United States has the right to choose what regimes rule over which people. This is the concept of national sovereignty, that each group of people who form their own nation have the right to decide what government they want to rule over them, and if it is a despotic one, they have that right.