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They originated as the cast systom; in the time of divin-reite monarchs: Upper: Related to, or favored by the monarchy. Middle: Villians, freed serfs: management; legal; and business. Lower: serfs, often called, "The work force"; those whom have no rights; the ones that die; and toil; and sweat; That the rich might richer get. The everlasting poor.

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Generally speaking, money is the primary difference between all levels of society.

Certainly, so called family heritage, types of jobs and such items like these are part of the strata of all societies, however, in the long run, the amount of money an individual has can move that person to almost all levels of society.

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Q: What is meant by upper lower and middle class?
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What is the range for lower middle and upper class?

The range for lower middle class is typically around $30,000 to $60,000 in annual household income. Upper middle class ranges from $100,000 to $250,000. There is no strict cut-off for defining these classes, as they can vary depending on location and cost of living.

What are the Six class model by kahl Gilbert weber?

upper class, upper middle class, lower middle class, lower class, working class and

What are some social classes?

low class, middle class, upper class/high class

What were the social classes in 1800s?

Lower Class Middle Class Upper Class But, There really wasnt a middle class, they were basically just upper class.

What is meant by the term bourjois?

The term bourjois means middle class. There are many classes from lower to upper class. However, this term means middle. The correct spelling of the term is bourgeois.

What is the word when there is lower and upper classes?

Middle class.

Does Sweden have a lower middle and upper class?


What are the social classes in america today?

The social classes in America today are typically categorized as lower class, middle class, and upper class. These categories are based on factors such as income, education, occupation, and wealth. There is also a growing recognition of the working class and the socio-economic challenges they face.

What are the major social classes in the united states?

Upper Class - which consists of Upper-Uppers "Blue Bloods" (Ex. Queen of England) and Lower-Uppers "Working Rich" (Ex. J.K. Rowling)Middle Class - Upper-Middles and Average-MiddlesWorking Class - sometimes called "Lower Middle Class"The Lower Class

Upper class middle class and lower class societal groups demonstrate?

social strata

What were the akkadian social classes?

the social classes are upper class middle class and lower class

When social classes are separated into three groupsthey are the?

upper class, middle class, and lower class.