What is mind control?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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What is Mind Control ? Mind Control is the use of subliminal techniques to control a person's actions, mind state or thoughts. Subliminal techniques may include the use of words or language in a variety of fashions, visual stimuli, a combination of different stimuli, the intentional use or misuse or deprivation of information, electronic stimuli techniques, such as brain wave machines and e-weapons, the deprivation of basic human needs, such as sleep and food, the use of emotions to manipulate thoughts (such as guilt or fear), hypnotic techniques or suggestions, rituals or role plays meant to induce suggestible states, the use of certain drugs, other techniques to induce a meditative mind state (like meditation) or specific movements or motions (like spinning). A combination of these techniques may be used. Please note that some of these techniques can also be used by an individual to help themselves in these more suggestible states, like meditation or brain wave machines.

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Q: What is mind control?
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Latin translation of the word government?

Govern essentially translates to 'control' and ment means 'mind' -- control of the mind, or perhaps- in context, control of the many. Depends on context and translation. ============================================================ From my collection of (hard-copy_ dictionaries, English and Latin: govern - (O.F. governer, L. gubernare, to steer, guide, from Gr kubernan. to steer) Gobernare means to steer or guide. I remember in my Latin translation days that 'gubernator' could mean 'navigator' .... And of course the addition of "ment" just turns the verb into a noun. Nothing sinister? I don't think you can make that jump regarding the addition of 'ment' to mean 'control of the mind, or control of the many'. I don't think that it is connected to 'mens', it is just used to turn a verb into a noun... cf attach-ment, announce-ment, establish-ment, enforce-ment, contain-ment, encourage-ment, attain-ment, adorn-ment, defer-ment, etc etc

How can you control your mind?

One way to control the mind is silence. The moment we shut off our five senses, and still our movements, the mind will still wander but it will slow down. As we slow down the pace of the mind, it will reduce producing thoughts like a popcorn machine. Slowly and steadily, the practice of silence can get us to control our mind. However, we all have been given an instrument known as the intellect. The intellect controls thoughts. The mind is nothing but thoughts. When we activate our intellect to discriminate between thoughts, to choose what is right from wrong, then we will slowly and steadily get a control of our mind.

What does do not allow the eye fool the mind?

The Mind itself

What is Kantian rights?

according to Kant, objects conform to the mind rather than mind conforming to objects. mind rules rather than is ruled.

What does Steve Biko's quote The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed mean?

It means that if you believe you are powerless, then you are. The oppressor cannot control what's in your head, your heart or your spirit -- only YOU have that power. However, he will gleefully accept your choice to submit to his dominance.

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Do you control your mind or does your mind control you?

Both, because you need to control your mind in order for it to control you

Why you cant control your mind?

You can control your mind because it is your mind you are the one who has control over your body and what you put in it. The mind is amazing in a human being and you obviously can control it

Can your bank teller control your mind?

No, your bank teller cannot control your mind. Nobody can control your mind.

What do you call when you can control someones mind?

You would call it "mind control".

Can a six year old control your mind?

As far as I know, no human - whether that human is a six-year-old or otherwise - can control somebody else's mind.

Does the afterlife has the power to control the imagination of the mind?

Nothing has the power to control your mind. You are in control of your imagination, nothing else.

How do you control my mind?

Through proper planning and use of effective wording i can control your mind.

Is mind control illegal in Canada?

Yes, mind control is against the laws of Canada.

Who invented mind control?

The Chinese invented mind control during the Maoist regime.

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