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beauty is more important

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Q: What is more important beauty or talent?
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Talent is beauty or beautiful is beauty?


What is more important to you skin beauty or inside beauty?

Balance if both

What is a Beauty contest for?

a beauty contest is to show the hidden personality and beauty as well as the allround talent of a person.

Why is Beyoncé successful?

Talent; songs; marketing; beauty.

Is physical talent important?

Definitely not. Heart is more important than talent. It just means you must work that much harder than those with natural abilities.

Can a woman's beauty be important?

Yes, if a woman wants to become a model or go into a similar line of work, her looks, though she might not have to be beautiful, are important. Otherwise, inner beauty is more important than outter beauty.

What is important brain or beauty and why?

brainn is much more imp. it can be strtched and keeps expanding every

Are beauty pageants more harmful then beneficial?

no it is because u can relate other people showing your talent such as this it is my step through my ambition someday

Name something a female figure skater and a beauty queen have in common?

Good posture, beauty, talent. Mostly talent. 1) Pretty 2) Graceful 3) Skinny 4) Costumes 5) Make-up 6) In shape 7) Talent

What is the most popular talent done in a talentshow?

Beauty contest

Is mechanical or civil better?

Your talent is more important then your next opportunity. If you have anything on your progress

What difference between the word talent and gift?

Talent is one of the gifts a person might be given. Beauty is another, and so is intelligence.