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Silver nitrate

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Q: What is name of ink which is used in election for marking the voter?
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Which tool is most used by political parties and candidates when deciding which issues to focus on during an election?

voter polls

What is a blanket primary?

The blanket primary is a system used for selecting political party candidates in a primary election in the USA. In a blanket primary voters may pick one candidate for each office without regard to party lines; for instance, a voter might select a Democratic candidate for governor and a Republican candidate for senator. The candidates with the highest votes by party for each office advance to the general election, as the respective party's nominee. It differs from the open primary - in open primaries voters may pick candidates regardless of their own party registration, but may only choose among candidates from a single party of the voter's choice.

A special election is?

used to replace an official who has died in office.

What type of ballot was used in Florida during the 2000 presidential election that led to hanging chads?

The ballots that produced the handing chads were paper tabulating machine cards, commonly called IBM cards or computer cards. The voter was supposed to punch out a perforated tab or chad to make his vote. The chad was supposed to be completely removed to create a clean hole in the card, but some people punched the card, but left the chad hanging. These hanging chads interfered with the machine used to read and tabulate the vote cards.

Theme of the 1964 Lyndon Johnson campaign?

"The stakes are too high for you to stay at home!" - when he knew the election was pretty much in the bag, he targeted voter apathy. His opponent, Barry Goldwater, was seen by many as being an extremist, and said a number of gaffes. Goldwater used the slogal "In your heart you know he's right." So Johnson parodied it with "In your guts you know he's nuts." or "In your heart you know he might." (as in "might drop a nuclear bomb") He also used his initials "LBJ all the way" or "LBJ for the USA"

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What are votes cast by individual voters in the presidential election?

Votes cast by individual voters in the presidential election are their way of expressing their choice for the candidate they want to see become the next president. Each voter has the opportunity to select their preferred candidate by marking their ballot on Election Day or submitting it through mail-in or early voting methods. These individual votes are then tallied and used to determine the winner of the election.

Which tool is most used by political parties and candidates when deciding which issues to focus on during an election?

voter polls

What is the role that polling plays in election?

The role of polling in elections is to gather data on public opinion and voter preferences. Polls provide a snapshot of voter sentiment and can help political campaigns strategize and make informed decisions. They are also used by media outlets to gauge the popularity of candidates and to make predictions about election outcomes.

What is the name of a marking tool used in sewing for dark colored fabrics?

The marking tool used for dark colored fabrics is tailor's chalk.

What is a marking gauge used for?

A marking gauge is used for marking a bit of wood by using the screw at the end.

What is the name of system used to elect the president?


What is a use of marking gauge?

A marking gauge is used for marking out lines to be cut.

Difference between scriber and marking gauge?

A scriber is something that is a part of some instrument used for marking. A marking gauge is a device especially used for marking.

What is a marking pencil and how is it used?

A marking pencil is a specialized pencil with a fine tip that is used for making temporary marks on fabric or other materials. It allows for precise marking of lines or shapes that can be easily removed later, typically by washing or with an eraser. Marking pencils are commonly used in sewing, quilting, and crafting.

What is the name of the pencil used in sewing?

The pencil in sewing is called a "Marking Pencil".

What does a marking gauge do?

A marking gauge is used in woodwork and metalwork. A marking gauge is used to highlight or plan out lines that will be cut along. It is also called a Mortise gauge.

What is marking tools?

Things that are used in marking, pencils, crayons , scribes,etc.