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appropriate jurisdiction

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Q: What is needed for a court to hear a case?
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A court case can only be appealed if?

A court case can only be appealed if the Court of Appeals agrees to hear the case.

Who is The first court to hear a case?

Trial Court

A type of jurisdiction that permits a court to hear any kind of case?

There is not a jurisdiction that allows a court to hear any type of case. Even the Supreme Court is limited in the types of cases they hear.

In cases of medical negligence what courts have the jurisdiction to hear the case?

Your State Court or Federal court have jurisdiction to hear the case of medical negligence.

What refers to the authority of a court has to hear a case?

The authority of a court to hear a case is its jurisdiction.

The power given a court to hear a case and make a judgment is known as?

In choosing a court, the attorney must choose which court has the authority to hear a particular case. This is referred to as Jurisdiction.

What type of evidence must be shown to convince court to hear case?

The COURT doesn't decide to hear a case based on evidence, the evidence only needs to convince the Prosecutor that a crime occurred, then HE brings the case to court for prosecution.

What is the first court hear a case?

The trial court.Added: The court of original jurisdiction.

Can a district court and a superior court hear the same case at the same time?


What is the authority to rehear a court case first?

The authority to hear a case is called jurisdiction. The court with authority to try the case, or hear it first, has original jurisdiction; the court(s) that review the case on appeal have appellate jurisdiction.If the case is remanded for a new trial (or reheard, I suppose), it returns to the court of original jurisdiction.

If the Supreme Court decides not to hear a case what then becomes the final decision in that case?

The decision of the previous appeals court that heard the case is the final decision should the Supreme Court refuse to hear the case.

Which term names the process in which the Supreme Court agrees to hear an appeal?

The justices circulate cases they are interested in among the members of the court. If four or more members indicate a desire to hear the case then the entire court will hear the case.