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Judge and mocercy

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Q: Who hear and decide on evidence in a court case?
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What type of evidence must be shown to convince court to hear case?

The COURT doesn't decide to hear a case based on evidence, the evidence only needs to convince the Prosecutor that a crime occurred, then HE brings the case to court for prosecution.

When did the Supreme Court hear and decide the Mapp vs Ohio case?


What branch has the authority to hear and decide a court case for the first time?

The Judicial branch includes all the federal courts. The court's authority to hear a case is called jurisdiction; the authority to hear a case for the first time is called "original jurisdiction."

What is conflict model of criminal justice?

its means the the court can hear by decide to make the case go into recess

How does your case reach supreme court?

The Supreme Court gets to decide if they want to hear it. It has to go through the entire legal process first, though.

What is one decision that an appeals court can make in a case?

IF the appeals court consents to hear the case, usually several judges will study and/or hear presentations on the case. They will then consider the arguments or matter under study and render their opinions on the case. The majority opinion will prevail.

What is the first step in the higher court trying to decide if they should hear a lower case?

asking for an appealasking for a writ of certiorari

Who is The first court to hear a case?

Trial Court

A court case can only be appealed if?

A court case can only be appealed if the Court of Appeals agrees to hear the case.

Does original jurisdiction means to hear a case first?

Yes. The court with original jurisdiction, a trial court, is the first to hear a case and acts as a "trier of fact," examining evidence, listening to witness and expert testimony, and considering attorney arguments. The information is used to decide whether the prosecution (in a criminal trial) has proven its case "beyond a reasonable doubt." Appellate courts are not authorized to dispute accepted facts in a case, and only rule on whether the trial was fair and the laws applied were constitutional.

What is a courts ability to hear a case known as?

The power or authority of a court to hear and decide a specific case is known as original jurisdiction.

A type of jurisdiction that permits a court to hear any kind of case?

There is not a jurisdiction that allows a court to hear any type of case. Even the Supreme Court is limited in the types of cases they hear.