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Q: What is nickname of democratic party?
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If GOP is the acronym for the nickname of the Republican Party what is the nickname of the Democratic Party?

The Democratic Party does not have a nickname analogous to "G.O.P."

What's the nickname of the Republican Party in America?

The Democratic Party doesn't have another name like "G.O.P." for the Republican Party. In particular, the name "Democrat Party" is incorrect. No member of the Democratic Party ever refers to it as the "Democrat Party."

What state was the Democratic Party founded in?

Who started the Democratic Party? Who started the Democratic Party?

How much money did president Clinton leave the gop when he left office?

I think if Bill Clinton gave to a political party it would be to the party of which he is a member, the Democratic Party. GOP, or Grand Old Party, is a nickname of the Republican Party.

Who was the forerunner for the Democratic Party?

The Democratic-Republican Party was the forerunner of the Democratic Party. It was started by Thomas Jefferson.

What did the Democratic Party and the whig party have in common?

What did the Democratic Party and the Whig party have in common

Who is the Democratic Party Supervisor?

There is no supervisor for the Democratic party.

How do you use Democratic Party in a sentence?

The Democratic Party supports Obama for President. The Democratic Party will not be bullied by Republicans.

What is the Democratic Party in Washington?

The Democratic Party is Washington State's Majority party.

The political party to which Hillary Clinton belongs is?

the Democratic Party.

What was Harry S Truman's political party and beliefs?

Harry S. Truman was a part of the Democratic party.

When was Democratic Party - Singapore - created?

Democratic Party - Singapore - was created in 1955.