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Democratic Party

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democratic party

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Q: Which party had control over both the House of Representatives and the Senate hindering President Ford in working with Congress?
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Can the president control trade with foreign nations?

He/She can make treaties, but they need to be approved by Congress.

What branch of government Appropriates money in federal government?

Only Congress has "the power of the purse." Specifically, any appropriations bills must originate in the House of Representatives (not the Senate). Once an appropriation has been passed by both the House and the Senate, and signed into law by the President, then the President has broad authority to control how the appropriation is *spent*, but only Congress (starting with the House) can set aside the money in the first place.

What is the main agency for making monetary policy intended to be formally beyond the control of the president and Congress?

The Federal Reserve System!

How does the legislature branch control the powers of the president?

The President exists to execute the laws that the legislative branch passes. If the legislative branch chooses not to pass a law that would give the President a power over something he wants, then he does not have that power. If the President does something that is not expresssly forbidden by existing law, Congress can pass a law that does expressly forbid him/her from doing it. If the President wanted a particular type of law passed, like a tax cut, Congress could refuse to do it because only Congress can authorize a tax cut. Also, Congress is the branch that appropriates money to be used by the President to do things. This is called the "power of the purse". If Congress does not give the President the money to do something, then he cannot do it. For example, if the President wanted a one million soldier army at all times but Congress felt that 500,000 soldiers is enough, Congress can control the President's wishes by appropriating only enough money for 500,000 soldiers. The executive branch has the power to do things, but the legislative branch has the power to limit the things he can do.

Does the US president belong to the US Congress?

The US presidents have no legal control over the Conggress; however there are political and practical ways the president can exert influence over Congress. Sometimes,but certainly not always, the majority of the houses of Congress are of the same political party as the president and those members will sometimes go along with what that president wants them to do.

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In Which party had control over both the House of Representatives and the Senate hindering President Ford in working with Congress?

democratic party

Are democrats in power in congress?

During the 113th Congress (2013-2015), Democrats control the Senate and Republicans control the House of Representatives.

Which body went from democratic to republican control as a result of the midterms?

congress,house of representatives

What step in the budget process does the House of Representatives control?

The House of Representatives turns the president's budget into spending bills.

Is the president in charge of the house of representatives?

No. The President has no direct control over the House and currently has little influence on it.

Does the congress have any control over the department of energy?

No, since it is a part of the president's cabinet, the president controls it.

Who controls fiscal policy?

The president and congress together control the fiscal policy.

How does the President formally communicate with Congress?

Often house members support the president's platform when they are elected at the same time, so a new president does not have to do much to get bills through the house. He always has leverage with his party members, since he can campaign for them and control federal spending in their districts or state. He can offer federal "plums" to any members of Congress to get key votes. He can push his agenda to the people and try to get them to pressure their representatives in Congress.

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Who is in charge of the legislature branch?

The Speaker of The House of Representatives, elected from among the Representatives themselves, leads the House side of Congress. The Speaker of The Senate, also chosen by his colleagues, leads the Senate side.

Which agency is responsible for monetary policy beyond the control of the President and Congress?

federal reserve:)

Can the president control trade with foreign nations?

He/She can make treaties, but they need to be approved by Congress.