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Nonverbal communication is behaviors, attributes, or objects. It has scial meaning.

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Q: What is nonverble communication?
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Which of the following is not an example of nonverble communication?

Looking Away

Basic types of communication?

inerta communication inter communication mass communication group communication

What are the four types of communication?

Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication,Written Communication and Visual communication

What communication is communication with oneself?

intrapersonal communication

What are the different elements and areas of communication?

area communication is are non-verval communication,verval communication and written communication

What are the three formal communication flows found organization?

Communication can be categorized into formal and informal communication. The three types of formal communication are horizontal communication, upward communication and downward communication.

What are the two general types of communication?

Communication is generally described as a process where a sender, receiver and a medium and a feedback is involved in it. the exchange of a medium or a message is known as communication. Types of communication. Formal Communication Informal Communication Verbal Communication Written Communication

How this computer be applied the communication?

the communication this computer be applied by communication of other computer with the communication

What are 3 types of communication?

There are more than three, but some of them include interpersonal communication; organizational communication; group communication; intrapersonal communication; and Mass Communication. (Some people would also add oral communication and written communication.)

What is the Relevance of communication to business communication?

you can't spell "business communication" w/o "communication"..

Types of External Communication?

In business external communication is communication with people outside of the company. Internal communication refers to communication within the business.

What is the difference between communication and effective communication?

Effective of communication