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Legislation is origional

because it comes directly from the parliament and it is origional

because the parliament has the inherent powers to pass the law or Legislation

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Q: What is original legislation?
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What are select committees?

Congressional select committees are designed to exist for a limited time and for a specific purpose. They almost never create original legislation.

What are congressional select committees?

Congressional select committees are designed to exist for a limited time and for a specific purpose. They almost never create original legislation.

Difference between legislation and delegated legislation?

Primary legislation is the legislation which has been passed by elected leaders, such as Parliament or Congress. Delegated legislation is rules and regulations which is set by the civil service, which cannot override Primary Legislation.

What does carriage of legislation mean?

Carriage of legislation refers to the passing of a given piece of legislation.

What is the difference between principle legislation and subsidiary legislation?

Advantage of subsidiary

What is the plural of legilation?

*legislation the word "legislation" is already plural.

What does amending legislation mean?

It means to fix a legislation that was passed with the Constitution. I.E. The Bill of Rights has ten amendments to the legislation. As proposed legislation ("a bill") proceeds through committee, and picks up additional sponsors, often, support is only forthcoming if additions, deletions or changes are made to the proposed statutory language, in order to obtain the support of a particular legislator or legislators. The results of the deliberations that occur in proceedings in committee can have the effect of amending legislation before it is put to a vote by the upper house (the U.S. Senate) and the lower house (the U.S. House of Representatives). Also, reports of planned, proposed, or enacted changes to existing law could be called "amending legislation" although it is not legislation, but simply a communicative writing reporting proposed or effected changes to legislation. These typically contain the original legislated statutory passages in strikethrough text for comparative and analytical purposes.

How does legislation promote the safety of individuals?

Whether or not, and how, legislation promotes the safety of individuals depends on the legislation.

How do you spell legislation?

That is the correct spelling of "legislation" (laws or bills in the legislature).

What is the difference between social legislation and labor legislation?

difference between labor law and social legislation

What is similaries and differences between primary and secondary legislation?

Primary legislation is laws created by a legislative body, such as acts of parliament, while secondary legislation is created under the authority of primary legislation to provide detailed regulations or rules. Both types of legislation have legal force, but secondary legislation cannot go beyond the powers granted by the primary legislation. Secondary legislation is also often more flexible and can be amended more easily than primary legislation.

Why is legislation the most important source of law?

Legislation is the most important source of law because it is formally enacted by a governing body and carries the highest level of authority within a legal system. It provides clarity and consistency in legal rules and regulations that govern society. Additionally, legislation reflects the will of the people as expressed through their elected representatives.