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famous for being ferdos' dad

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Q: What is peshawar famous for?
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Who are famous female doctors in peshawar?

dr johar khatoon

What is the current population of peshawar in Pakistan?


Who is ccpo of peshawar 2012?

Imtiaz Altaf is the ccpo peshawar

When was The Peshawar Lancers created?

The Peshawar Lancers was created in 2002.

What is the population of Peshawar District?

The population of Peshawar District is 4,650,000.

When was University of Peshawar created?

University of Peshawar was created in 1950.

Hindu in Peshawar?

Yes, there is at least one Hindu in Peshawar.

What is the area of Peshawar?

The area of Peshawar, Pakistan is approximately 1,257 square kilometers.

How many pages does The Peshawar Lancers have?

The Peshawar Lancers has 483 pages.

When did Battle of Peshawar happen?

Battle of Peshawar happened on 1758-05-08.

When was Frontier Region Peshawar created?

Frontier Region Peshawar was created in 1970.

What is the area of Peshawar District?

The area of Peshawar District is 1,257 square kilometers.