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Land is broadly ground, soil or earth. More specifically the term refers to real estate and it can be conveyed by deed. A conveyance of land would include anything affixed to it such as a barn, shed, dwelling or well head.

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  • land is free gift of nature: It is free gift of nature given to man. man has to spend nothing to obtain it. He has only to conserve it. But supply of other factors of production depends upon human efforts and sacrifice.
  • land is immobile: Of all the factors of production is totally immobile. We cannot transfer land. However, the product of land is mobile. Besides this, land is mobile from the point of its use.
  • land is permanent: The surface of earth is not destructible. Modern science can radically change its character but cannot destroy it. It can go west, barren, but it is not destructible. It has inherent property i.e indestructible and original capacity.
  • land is fixed: The total land surface determined by nature and cannot change by human efforts except to a limited extent. Soil erosion and earthquake may reduce the existing supply of land which building of dykes, afforestation and exploration may add it.
  • land is passive factor of production: Land is basic factor of production, however, it is passive in nature. Man and machinery act it upon. It cannot produce anything by itself. If needs help of other forces.
  • land is heterogeneous: The productive capacity of land varies widely. All land is not of the same quantity. It is fertile somewhere and barren or sandy at other place. It is steep somewhere and plan at other places. Thus, land differs in fertility.
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You need to be more specific with your question. Do you mean what is land made of or how do we describe land?

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Q: What is physical characteristics of land?
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