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The reason y this country is in so much debt

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Q: What is political favoritism?
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When a position is taken by political party on critical issues is it called favoritism?

No, it is called a a position.

Is favoritism legal?

Yes, unless the favoritism extends to a point in which one child suffers actual physical or mental harm.

Is favoritism a real word?


What are you expectations in subject teacher?

no favoritism.

What is the greek word for favoritism?


How do you use the word Favoritism in a sentence?

I absolutely love to go jogging. It is my favorite way to exercise.

How can global cooperation improve the economy?

Simply put, if nations can improve relations with each other, they can increase the levels of trade by rescinding trade barriers that exist because of political disagreements or favoritism.

What are synonyms of the word prejudice?

favoritism i think

Wrongdoing or favoritism in government is called what?


Wrongdoing or favoritism in government is called?


What is favoritism of family in the work place called?


Favoritism toward native-born Americans?