What is president's duty?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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comander-and-cheif in the war, enforces the law, can make treaties with other countries, and cannominate supreme court justice.

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To keep the country safe

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Q: What is president's duty?
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Whats the presidents duty?

The President has many duties to carry out. The main duty is to serve and protect The United Sates of America.

What is the presidents main duty according to article 2?

to carry out laws that have been passed

According to article II what is the presidents main duty?

to carry out laws that have been passed

What are the names of the four players in call of duty zombies?

Fidel Castro George bush the presidents assistant and u

What do vice priesedents do?

Vice presidents have the duty of if anything happenns to the president the vice president will take over, if you see what I mean.

What is the vice presidents most important duty?

The Vice President really doesn't have much of a job, but to be there if needed when/if the president dies.

What are the presidents two roles?

The vice-president is in charge of the senate and takes over for the president if he dies, resigns, or is unfit to perfom his duty.

What is the presidents duty?

The President's primary duty is to make sure U.S. laws are followed and federal government operations are effective. In addition, the President approves and sign legislative bills into law and commands the U.S. Armed Services.

What president was the first commander in chief of the U.S. military?

All of them have been commander in chief. It goes with the rank or position. All Presidents have to assume that duty.

What is the presidents act of saying no to a bill from Congress?

The President of the US has the duty to prevent laws passed by Congress from going into effect by using his powers to veto.

What is the President's overall main job duty?

he is in command of the executive branch which means that he should be ni charge of enforcing the law however, since the begining of presidents, that power has been expanded beyond belief it is now the presidents duty to represent the entire nation and help establish a positive economy and an overall peaceful world for us as Americans to live in. btw, BUSH is a horrible bad that they made a cartoon expressing how bad he is...and that's bad (Lil Bush - Comedy Central)

Is the president body guard a dangerous job in the us?

No - considering the assassination of four Presidents not one US Secret Service agent has been killed on Presidential Protection Detail duty