What is red tapism?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Red tapism is a system of tedious and long-winded official routine. It usually involves excessive paperwork before official action can be considered.

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Q: What is red tapism?
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What is a one word substitute for Excessive formalities in official or public business causing unnecessary delay?

The term is "red-tapism."

What is one word for excessive formality?

With regard to officiousness in a bureaucracy, the term is red-tapism. This word is practically never used. The usual practice is to simple say a delay is caused by "red tape." (from the red tape or fabric strips once used to bind important documents) With regard to ceremonial formalities, another word is "pomp."

What are the advantages of enteprener?

In entrepreneurship, decisions are taken faster and chance of red tapism is least. Since no other interest is involved, the entrepreneur devotes his full energy and the results are in most cases in the affirmative. The personal influence of the entrepreneur helps to obtain bank loans or in securing orders.

Why do governments want businesses to succeed?

The governments want business to succeed, because mounting losses incurred will be a great strain on the national exchequer. The reasons behind losses may attribute to lethargy, red tapism, inefficiency. Non only that the Governments are answerable to opposition parties about the efficient running of businesses and has negative indication on poll prospects. Also, if businesses fail, the government makes less tax money.

What is the salary package for primary school teachers as per cabinet approval in sixth pay commission?

The amount of work genuinly a government teacher is doing to teach the deprived ones, they do not get any help from there homes as their parents are illiterate or not bothered. The mental stress ateacher faces being herself a mother after seeing their pathetic condition . She provides them all moral support . the red tapism she has to go through, the clerical work we have to do. the salary is no doubt less and also not luring for the new generation.

What are the weaknesses on credit policy in developing countries?

In credit policy of a developing country like India, the beneficiaries/receipients from whom the credit is meant,only few big farmers/industrialists avail the same due to stringent rules and regulations attached with it. The banks through whom the credits are supposed to be extended, are generally reluctant to help the poor beneficiaries to avail the benefits. Even they get a fraction of the government aids/grants due to red tapism,corruption embeeded with the existing system.

Need for privatisation?

Need for privatisation arises to get rid of government service providers' inefficiencies, red tapism, administrative shackles,inordinate delay etc. The private service providers offer efficient service to woo the customers. Even the customers don't mind to pay a few dollar extra for such service ! The mounting losses of government organisation is a strain on national exchequer and will relieve the economy for health growth, as it's not the job of the government to do business but to handle administration efficiently for public welfare.

Why do some employer go through private insurance companies?

The employers prefer private insurance companies for faster work culture,good environment,quicker claim disposal records and so on. Whereas in government insurance companies, red tapism plays an important part in lethargic work culture. Further, job security poses a mood of complacency among the government employees, whereas the private employees suffer from service termination at a whispect and are frequently whipped by their bosses for any mistake at their end.

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