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Political parties have an important role to play in inducting/influencing members of the society in direct/indirect political participation in governing the state.

The state has been assigned a function with the will of the people and by the people to govern by indirect representation through members elected in a political party. The non governing political parties become oppositions and expose the policies and the weaknesses in governing of the government by elected political party of the state to the people.

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Q: What is roles do political parties play and why?
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What roles did political parties play in the election of 1796?

No role. The congress still selected the president .

What began to play a key roles in elections within a few years of ratifying the constitution?

Political parties

Historically what have been the most important roles of minor parties?

The most important roles of minor political parties has been to give the voters and option outside of the 2 major parties. Minor political parties have altered the outcome of some of elections.

What was a role that political parties play in the political process?


How do political parties keep watch over one another?

political parties also play a important role actin as "watchdogs".

What is an advertising manager?

I also need the roles they play that makes them different from the other parties.

What role do political parties play in American life?

Prevented major parties from adopting the ideas of their supporters.

What are the roles of an individual Citizens elections political parties and interest groups in the political process?

Brett favre is awesome. and thats the answer....your teacher is wrong if she sayes this is wrong

Which institution developed outside the limits of the written constitution of the United states?

Political Parties.

What is the plural of political party?

The plural of political party is "political parties".

How can a minor party act as a spoiler?

minor and thrid parties play roles a spoiler by taking votes from a candidate.!?.

Types of political parties?

Political parties usually have their basis in shared political ideologies and objectives. In the United States the two major political parties are the Republican and Democrat parties.