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A sociological representation is when a certain individual chooses a representative who has the same ethnic, social, racial, educational and religious background like their own. This is how most people choose their candidate.

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Q: What is sociological representation?
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What are the differences between a sociological representation and agency?

Sociological representation refers to how groups or individuals are portrayed in society, often influenced by power dynamics. Agency, on the other hand, is the capacity of individuals to act independently and make their own choices. While representation focuses on how others perceive and classify individuals, agency is about individuals' ability to influence their own lives.

What ia sociological and agency representation in the congress?

Sociological Representation - if the two individuals are so similar in background, character, interests, and perspectives that anything said by one would very likely reflect the views of the other as well Agency Representation - If the two are formally bound together so that the representative is in some way accountable to those he or she purports to represent D. Stover

What is the sociological term for any generally known objects pictures words or designs that represent something other than themselves?

The sociological term for this concept is "symbol." Symbols are elements that convey meanings or ideas beyond their literal representation, often carrying cultural or social significance.

What is a sentence for sociological?

Sociological research examines patterns of behavior within society to understand how individuals and groups interact.

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A sociological approach suggests that health is

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