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it is a deviation from the normal change of atmospheric properties with altitude

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2013-03-27 01:15:40
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Q: What is temperature inversion?
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What happens during temperature inversion?

In a temperature inversion, the temperature increases with height. Temperature inversions can prevent thunderstorms from forming and trap pollutants below the inversion.

What is the Realation between inversion temperature and boyle temperature?

Boyle temperature = 1/(2 x Inversion Temperature)

What is the relation between inversion and neutral temperature?

inversion temperature Ti is twice the neutral temperature Tn.

What is the link between altitude and temperatures?

The link between altitude and temperature is inversion. The higher the altitude is the temperature inversion is decreased. The lower the altitude is, the temperature inversion rises.

How do you use temperature inversion in a sentence?

Example sentence - It can be colder in the valley due to the temperature inversion in the winter.

When does a temperature inversion occur?

A temperature inversion occurs when air temperature at the upper layer are much warmer than the lower layer of air..

That is the temperature of air during a Temperature inversion?


In a temperature inversion air temperature does what?

increases with height

What happens during a temperature inversion?

When temperature inversion occurs, cold air underlies warmer air at higher altitudes.

What get inverted in a thermal inversion?


What is an increase in temperature with height in an atmospheric layer called?

Temperature Inversion

When does temperature inversion occur?

A layer in the atmosphere in which temperature increases with altitude.

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