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the second law of thermodynamics states that systems tend to change in a way that increases the disorder.

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Q: What is the 2nd Law of Theromdynamics?
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What are practical applications of newtons second law of motion?

Almost all machinery uses the 2nd Law. Also sports activity and firearms use the 2nd law. The 2nd Law runs the Universe, from the motions of tools to the motions of the galaxies.

What is another name for Newton's 2nd law?

Law of Acceleration

What newtons 2nd law of motion?

newtons 2nd law states that if a force is put on an object then the object will move in the oppisite direction of the force no thats the third law

What is newtons 2nd law in motion?

law of inertia F=MA

Year Invented third law of motion?

1st law=1609 2nd law=1609 3rd law=1618

Name newtons law which gives magnitude of force?

2nd law of motion

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Which law is Some energy is released as unusable heat energy into the environment?

The closest law is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Note that not necessarily "most" energy will be converted to unusable heat, but it is almost inevitable that some will.

Is entropy closely related to the 1st law of thermodynamics?

It is related to the 2nd law of thermodynamics