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The 4 functions of government is keep order (Ex. pass and enforce traffic laws), provide services (Ex. provide libraries), provide sercurity (Ex. prevent crime), and guide the community (Ex. manage the economy).

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The modern purpose of government derives from Hugo Grotius' great works in Amsterdam's 16th century. He defined a government of land; people; governance of the people; and recognition by other nations.

In today's' world, the irreducible minimum, government protects and defends the people inhabiting its land.

Some governments might enlist laws to provide protect life liberty and pursuit of happiness (U. S. Declaration of Independence, 1776) or to protect life liberty and property (U.S. Constitution, 1789)

Other governments may provide stability in its society by providing order and safety for its inhabitants.

Other nations have expanded on these fundamental rights (security and public order) to include, among other things, to provide

· Defense

· Legal system to settle disputes

· National Identity

· Representation

· Infrastructure (building public works to make the land habitable and / or sufficient for productive activities) - roads, sewage system, potable water system, utilities, etc.

· Social Welfare

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They are to maintain social order; to provide public services; to provide national security and a common defense; and to provide and regulate the economic system.

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The four purposes of government include maintaining Social Order, providing Public Services, making Economic Decisions, and providing National Security.

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Q: What is the 4 functions of government?
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