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It is the delcaration of the 13 Colonies of the United States of America's independence from Motherland, England and the British Rule.

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Q: What is the Delcaration of Independence?
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Who is the he in the delcaration of independence?

king george III

In what year was the delcaration of independence signed?


What document did Thomas Jefferson write?

delcaration of independence

What year was the delcaration of independence signed?

July 4,1776

Who was the last person to sing the declaration of independence?

When the hell did someone sing the Delcaration of Independence?

What were the first 7 words of the delcaration of independence?

we the people of the united states.................

What was the purpose of delcaration of independence?

To free the United States from British rule.

What does the word unalienable means in the delcaration of independence?

Unconditional or Unable to remove. Obligatory.

Who wrote the delcerlation of independce?

thommas Jefferson wrothe the delcaration of independence

Date of Delcaration of independence?

adopted July 4, 1776

Which man wrote the delcaration of independence?

Im not 100% sure, but i think it was thomas jefferson.

Who helped Thomas Jefferson write the Delcaration of Independence?

An English philosopher named John Locke.