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It is a monarchy, with Emirs as Kings (they used to have Queens e.g. Queen Amina of Zazzau, Nigeria) but nowadays only emirs. The emirs have sub rulers under them and these has helped in maintaining rule and order centuries before the Europeans come to Africa.

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Q: What is the Government of Fulani?
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Lenora Fulani was born in 1950.

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Fulani War happened in 1810.

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Lenora Fulani was born in 1950.

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Fulani are tribe of people.

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Fulani isn't a country, it is a race of people originating in West Africa. The language they speak is also Fulani (or pulaar or fula)

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Fulani is a race of people originating and living in Africa

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Their language is Fulani, Fula or 'Pular'

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