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Surpreme court, and other court systems

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Q: What is the Judiciary is composed of?
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Do Mexico use judges?

Yes. By virtue of being a federal representative republic with three Powers of the Union (the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary), the Judiciary is composed by the Supreme Court of Justice, the Electoral Tribunal and other tribunals and courts at the local, state and federal levels.

Does the governor have the authority to appoint members of the judiciary?

No, the Judicial Branch is composed of judges. A governor is in the Executive Branch of state government.

Which branch of government is composed of federal courts?

The Judicial Branch of the U.S. government is made up of the federal courts and led by the Supreme Court.

Does Jamaica have a legislative judicial and executive?

Jamaican government is considered a representative parliamentary democratic monarchy. It has executive, legislative, and judicial branches composed of a prime minister, parliament, and judiciary.

What does the noun judiciary mean?

Judiciary means the court system

Why is independent judiciary not necessary?

In the US, the independent judiciary is necessary.

What is a sentence using judiciary in it?

Another word for JUDICIARY is judicial

Does India have Independent Judiciary?

Yes, India have a independent judiciary.

When was Judiciary City created?

Judiciary City was created in 2008.

How are the members of the judiciary appointed?

to become a member of judiciary you must me qualified and appointed to be a judiciary and u must have a idea of what a judge does

How Bollywood is affecting Indian judiciary?

Bollywood is not having any impact on Judiciary in India.

The federal judiciary was given form and substance by?

The Judiciary Act of 1789.