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The most important duty is to set goals for the nation and to develop policies, which are methods for reaching those goals.

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Q: What is the President's most important power?
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What is the presidents most important role?

The chief of the executive branch

Why were US presidents rather than other important people chosen to be on Mount Rushmore?

because they were the most important!because they were the most important!

Why is it important that the president have power to appoint official?

It is important because the president needs loyal subordinates that support the policies of the presidents administration.

What were the Roman important feature of the Roman republic?

The Senate had the most power of government even under Julius Caesar. The Consuls were like US presidents - the chief executives of the government.

The US should have one hoilday that honors all the presidents or separate to honor only the most important presidents?

Yes, because America should remember every president. We should only honor the ones that were most important, but all should be remembered on presidents day.

When are the presidents partisan ties most important?

In dealing with Congress on legislative matters

Most important executive power?


How many presidents are there for the Walmart Corporation?

There are seven main Presidents in the Wal-mart Corporation. Most of these serve in a figure head type position who have very little power, but they do have veto and voting power.

Why is it important that congress cannot just pass any law that they want without the presidents OK?

balance of power

Why is the presidents power of appointment so important to the success of his or her administration?

it sucks you out of luck because no one knows the awnser

Why was the right to vote important in the democratic society?

because the democratic society is what most of the presidents are :)

Which of Washington's precedents do you think are most important to modern presidents?

addresing the president as "Mr.President"