What is the Ru Ga Ru?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Explained pretty well here:

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Q: What is the Ru Ga Ru?
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Your company offers certification cervices in Russia ga-certification ru?


How do you write the name Gabrielle in Japanese?

ガブリエル /ga bu ri e ru/.

What is Watashi ga watashi no youni Kangae ru in English?

It means "I think I like you."

What is the word poison frog when translated from English to Japanese?

Poison dart frog would be ヤドクガエル /ya do ku ga e ru/ [kanji : 矢毒蛙]. In general 'poison frog' would be 毒蛙 /do ku ga e ru/.

How do you say Vargas in Japanese?

バルガス /ba ru ga su/ is Japanese for that name.

When was Ru Ba Ru created?

Ru Ba Ru was created on 2008-09-12.

What are some Cajun stories?

I don't remember the story completely but the "Ru Ga Ru" is a moss covered boogie man that comes out of the marsh or swamp to get you. He is said to be deathly afraid of the green tree frogs, so if you have a mason jar with some pee frogs in it you are good to go.

How do you write mcgill in Japanese?

マクギル /ma ku gi ru/ , マックギル /mak ku gi ru/ and マギル大学 /ma gi ru dai ga ku/ are in order of popularity in usage, how you can write 'McGill' is Japanese. Depending on how you want it to be read you can choose between 1st and 2nd choices, and the 3rd is just for your info. In the second there is 'k' as geminate sound.

How do you say 'Dr Francie loves you' in Japanese?

Not romantically: フランシー先生があなたが大好き(です/だ) Furanshii Sensei ga anata ga daisuki (desu/da) ('Desu' is used in a polite form, 'da' is casual) A crush/infatuation: フランシー先生があなたに恋してい(ます/る) Furanshii Sensei ga anata ni koi shite i(masu/ru) ('Masu' is used in a polite form, 'ru' is casual) Romantic love: フランシー先生があなたを愛してい(ます/る) Furanshii Sensei ga anata wo ai shite i(masu/ru) ('Masu' is used in a polite form, 'ru' is casual)

What is 'ru' in Hiragana?

'Ru' is る

What is 'you love you' in Japanese?

あなたがあなたを愛してる "Anata ga anata o aishite ru"

How do you say metal music in Japanese?

They just say ヘヴィメタル /he vi me ta ru/ or ヘビーメタル /he bii me ta ru/, abbreviated ヘビメタ /he bi me ta/ in spoken.