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The Spanish Armada was the Spanish navy that sailed in 1588 with the goal of overthrowing Queen Elizabeth I of England and stop her involvement with the Spanish Netherlands. The campaign failed because of British naval attacks on the fleet. At the time, the British navy had dominance of the seas and naval supremacy.

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Q: What is the Spanish Armarda?
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Who won the Spanish armarda?

the English won the spanish armarda

What does the Spanish word Armarda mean in English?

The English translation of armarda is army

When was the end of the spanish armarda?


What was the fleet of spanish ships that fought the british navy?

The Spanish Armarda

What year did the spanish armarda invade England?


Why did the Spanish Armarda take place?

because of religion

What if the armarda had succeded in invading England what would have changed?

The spanish armarda was the people who battled against Sir Francis Drake.

Who was the spanish king who tried and failed to invade England with the spanish armarda?

Phillip II

When did the spanish armarda set sale?

The Spanish Armada sailed from Spain in July 1588.

What happend to the spanish armarda?

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What religious conflicts were there during the Elizabethan or Shakespearean era?

the the spanish armarda

When did the Armada sink?

The Spanish Armarda went down on 8th August 1588.