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The Spanish speaking world

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Q: Where did the Spanish come from?
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Spanish word for to come?

The Spanish verb for 'to come' is 'venir'.

How do you say come inside in Spanish?

come inside = ¡Pase por favor!

How do you say come and see in spanish?

come and see in spanish is "Venga y vea"

Can you come on in spanish?

¿Puedes venir? = Can you come

How do say come into in spanish?

come to is venir, and Come is Ven

Does spanish food come from Africa?

Spanish food does not come from Africa. Spanish food is from Spain, which is a European country. That said, many other cultures have influenced Spanish food.

Are spanish and Europeans the same?

No. Spanish people come from spain, and europeans come from europe. So all spanish people are europeans, yet all europeans aren't spanish.

Did Italian language come from spanish language?

Italian didn't come from Spanish, both came from Latin.

How do you say when did you come in spanish?

when did you come in = cuando entraste

Why Spanish come to Oregon?

that is why *

What does 'venga' mean in Spanish?

"Come", "Come here", or "Come on" - i.e. Move it, come on!

What language does Colorado come from?

Spanish for the color red.