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The United States of America used to stand as a shining beacon to the rest of the world and such revered authors as Alexis De Tocqueville who wrote Democracy in America and Frederic Bastiat who wrote the Law explained exactly why America was a shining beacon. America once was this standard for the rest of the world to aspire towards, but it is not today. Today the United States is seen as an empirical "super power" and rightly so. In fact, many view the U.S. as the only remaining "super power". The idea of America as a "super power" is not the ideal that De Tocqueville and Bastiat so admired of the United States. What was admired was the freedom of the individual. The notion that people can coexist and govern themselves without interference from an artificial government that exist solely to protect the rights of the people. The United States of America gave up protecting the rights of individuals long ago and today favor protecting the privilege of government employment, the privilege of corporations and expanding their empire across the globe all in an effort to "make the world safe for democracy."

Imagine that, a constitutional republic obsessed with spreading democracy.

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Q: What is the US known as to other countries?
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