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>> China or Japan Nope. That's what most people think, but Canada has traditionally been the USA's largest trading partner (measured as a total of imports & exports between the two countries).

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Mexico, Japan, Canada, China and North Korea

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North Korea

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Q: What is the US largest trading partner?
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What nation is the largest trading partner with Australia?

China is Australia's largest trading partner. That is true with exports as well as imports.

What rank is Canada's trading partners?

The United States is by far Canada's largest trading partner. China is Canada's second largest trading partner, following by the United Kingdom.

Which country is canada's biggest trading partner?

Canada's biggest trading partner is Great Britain!

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Who is India's largest trading partner?

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What sector of the US economy is responsible for vaulting the US back as British Columbias largest trading partner?

the butt sector

What country is the largest trading partner of Mexico and Brazil?

For Mexico, its largest trading partner is the United States, being the recipient for 78% of total Mexican exports (2012).For Brazil, China is the largest trading partner, receiving 17% of total Brazilian exports (2012).

Why was it important that Obama visit Mexico?

Mexico is one of America's largest neighbours, sharing the second largest border with the US. They are the third largest trading partner of the US after Canada and China.

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America's largest trading partner?


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India is afghanistans largest trading partner?