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Q: What year did the us government deregulate the securities trading business?
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What government agency overseas the trading of securities?

The Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC for short.

Trading securities are debt securities that the investor has the intent to hold to maturity?

trading securities are not necessarily debt securities. trading securities can be defined as securities which investors buy for the purpose of further trade, they can be stocks of any companies, Government securities and debt securities with the intention to trade in near future. debt secrities can be trade or can be hold by investor till maturity. Government securituies can also hold till maturities.

When does insider trading occur what government agency is responsible for protecting against the unethical practice of insider trading?

insider trading occurs when someone has information not available to the public and uses the information to profit from trading publicly traded securities. The Securities and Exchange Commission protect against insider trading.

What is the difference between government securities market and corporate debt securities market?

Government Securities Market : Consists of securities issued by the State government and the Central government. This include Central Government securities, Treasury bills and State Development Loans. Debt securities market : Is a market for the issuance, trading and settlement in fixed income securities of various types. Fixed income securities can be issued by a wide range of organizations including the Central and State Governments, public bodies, statutory corporations, banks and institutions and corporate bodies.

Which marketable securities are reported at cost on the balance sheet date A. Trading securities B. Trading and held-to-maturity securities C. Available-for-sale securities D. Held-to-maturity secur?


Who do trading in securities exchange?


Functions of security and exchange commission?

Security and exchange commission Established for the purpose of assisting, regulating and controlling business of buying, selling and dealing in securities ..I mention its functions below. 1.Provides a market for the trading of securities to individuals and organizations seeking to invest their saving or excess funds through the purchase of securities. Provides a physical location for buying and selling securities that have been listed for trading on that exchange. 3.Establishes rules for fair trading practices and regulates the trading activities of its members according to those rule. The exchange itself does not buy or sell the securities, nor does it set prices for them.

Unrealized holding gains or losses which are recognized in income are from securities classified as?

Trading securities

What services do small business investment companies provide?

Investment companies are typically involved in three activities: investing, reinvesting, or trading securities; issuing face amount certificates of the installment type; and holding investment securities

Where does the trading of securities take place?

stock exchange

What is secondary trading?

Secondary trading refers to the buying and selling of securities on the open market between investors, as opposed to directly from the issuing company. It allows investors to trade existing securities at current market prices. This type of trading does not involve the company that originally issued the securities.

What are securities exchanges?

Modern securities exchanges in the United States are voluntary entities organized for centralized trading