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Q: What is the West Indies official language?
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Who won West Indies v Ireland?

West Indies won

What is the word origin for the word yam?

From Portuguse inhame or Spanish igname, from a West African language from slaves in the West Indies.

What is the largest indies of the west indies?

The largest nation in the West Indies is Cuba.

Is cuba a west indies country?

No the West Indies are the group of islands in the Caribbean.

Brain teaser west and four d?

West Indies

How do you solve rebus puzzle WEST DDDD?

West Indies

What is the adjective for west Indies?

West Indian or Antillean is the proper adjective for West Indies.

Is jamacia is a country in west indies?

Jamaica is a country in the West Indies.

Map of west indies?

Mustique Mustique island in the west indies?

West indies vs Ireland who won the match?

West Indies

Why are people attracted to the west indies?

because the west indies are hot.

What cricket team is better India or west indies?

west indies