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There has never been 'age discrimination' for voting. The Constitution originally said you had to be 21 to vote in a Federal Election. The 26th Amendment reduced the minimum age to 18. So you could say that it still discriminates against anyone younger than 18.

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Q: What is the amendment abolished age decrimination for voting?
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The 26th Amendment established the voting age as?


Amendment that lowered the voting age?

26th Amendment

What According to the Twenty-sixth Amendment what is the legal voting age?

According to the 26th amendment, the legal voting age is eighteen.

How many of the amendments have to do with voting?

the 14th amendment is voting based on race, the 26th amendment is the voting age is set to 18 years of age and the 19th amendment is women's suffrage. So, there are 3 amendments having to do with voting.

Which amendment lowered the voting age to eighteen years of age?

Amendment 26

What Amendment set voting age to 18?

the 26th amendment

Which amendment lowers the voting age to eighteen?

the 26th amendment

What was the voting age in the 14th amendment?

Before passage of the U. S. Constitution's 26th Amendment, the minimum voting age had always been 21.

What amendment lowered the voting age?


What amendment changed voting age?


What admendment lowered the voting age?

The 26th Amendment to the US Constitution lowered the voting age to 18 years of age and was adopted on July 1, 1971.

Which amendment to the US Constitution lowered the voting age to 18?