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large tree

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Q: What is the answer to large branch?
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What is a rhyming pair for large branch?

large branch

What are the large airways that branch off the trachea?

The large airways that branch off the trachea are the mainstem bronchi. These branch into progressively smaller bronchioles.

What is the synonym for a large branch?

big twig

What is a large tree branch?


Is the artery the same size as your vein?

Arteries and veins can be different sizes, because large arteries branch into smaller arteries, which branch into capillaries. These capillaries branch into small veins, which branch into large veins. So yes, they can be (and usually are) the same size if (I am surmising this) they are the same distance from the capillaries.

Which branch of government sets up schools?

large penis

What do you call a large branch of the ocean that indents the land?


What is the first large artery to branch from the aorta?

brachiocephalic trunk

What is the answer for the hink pink a large branch?

limber timber

What is a hink pink for large branch?

big twig

What large artery do these arteries branch form?

Yes, larger arteries branch off into smaller arteries known as arterioles.

How would you find a branch?

Stand at the base off a tree and look upwards. The first large arm extending outward is called a "branch."